Lemodus helps you build a better business

Super simple procedure management to grow your business.
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Standard Operating Procedure Software

Lemodus is the saner way to scale your business

Here's how Lemodus unleashes the hidden productive power within your team.

1. Create a procedure

Get your procedures out of your head. Our intuitive & simple business procedure creation application makes procedure documenting quick & easy.

2. Share it with you team

Delegate procedures to individual or multiple members of your team. Reclaim your otherwise wasted time so you can focus on growing your business.

3. Track activity & progress

Know exactly where everything is at any given time. Lemodus gives you the visibility you need to understand how effective your team and procedures are.

People love Lemodus. Here’s why…

“Lemodus has allowed me to scale my international team and grow my live chat business by over 240%” Rhea Mozo Founder Zenifyme
“We’ve tried everything, from Google Docs to enterprise level products. Nothing felt right until we started using Lemodus.” Kirk Land of 224 Industries

What are the benefits of using Lemodus?

Here's some of the ways Lemodus can help enhance your growing business.

Work your business, not in it

Stop getting stuck in the weeds and being bogged down by menial tasks. Lemodus empowers you to build a business that runs without you.

Consistency & predictability

Reduce mistakes by having your procedures well documented. Lemodus helps you run a tighter operation, creating consistency in your team.

Build a valuable business

A business that relies on the founder to operate is hard to sell. Turn your business into a saleable asset by documenting what you do in Lemodus.

Reclaim your wasted time

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. Get your procedures documented so you can delegate them, freeing you up to focus on higher value activities.

Reduce key dependencies

Get your procedures documented so that you are not the only person doing all the work when someone else should be doing the work for you.

Increase profits with process

An efficiently run business is a more profitable business. Watch your team's productivity skyrocket with Lemodus. Get more done in less time.