The Lemodus Roadmap

We keep this page up to date with the latest development plans so you can get an idea where we are headed and what is to come. We aim to make the best platform and user experience so you can building a better business. This roadmap will change.

We are continually refining and iterating on our plans based on feedback from customers and our internal work. New ideas will be added in the future that are missing from our roadmap today.

Immediate Focus

  • Pre-built Doc templates
  • Doc Builder V2
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Future Ideas

  • More email notification options
  • Google Drive Storage
  • Slack Integration
  • Suggest changes to docs
  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Business Process Workflows
  • Record audio/video
  • Zapier Integration

Recently Completed

  • Custom User Avatar Upload
  • Mobile Layout Optimisations
  • Support & Feedback
  • Doc Checklists
  • Embed Video
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This roadmap is being shared for informational purposes only, and not as a binding commitment. Don't rely on this information to making purchasing decisions because ultimately, the development, release, and timing of features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Lemodus, and will change.