What Would You Do Differently if You Started Your Business Again?

Joseph posted 3 months ago
Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

If you had the opportunity to know what you know now when starting your business again, what would you do differently?

Thanks for contributing!
Joseph 3 months ago
For me, what I would do differently is build a solid brand quicker.

In my web agency, once we focused on building a solid brand, we noticed that it was easier to make sales and people trusted us more.

Brands are valuable and make it easier on all fronts especially when it comes to sales. People know and trust brands. It certainly helps with the value of your business too.

They say it takes a lifetime to build a leading brand so you better start ASAP!
Keanu Walsham
Keanu Walsham 3 months ago
I completely agree with what you are saying! Brands are an invaluable asset, and can be traded as such. For instance, the power of 'word of mouth' is undeniable, once someone recommends a business to a friend or family member, the recipient of that recommendation is miles more likely to trade with that business. Begin building your brand image from day 1, get your logos and style in check, you can always re-brand at a later date! But get your initial image out there for the world to see, don't slack on it!
John D
John D 3 months ago
A solid brand is so imporant. Instead of a generic product you need to enter in the buyers mindset with your product or service. That is a lot easier now with the likes of social media. Years ago I had to do this all without those tools. Its a lot easier now.
Elle 3 months ago
Better planning, when we started we had to act fast and improvise a lot. I'd slow it down and focus rather than go in all guns ablazing. I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing and I would be more knowledgable and better than poor old naive me.
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