Is the Environment Important to Your Business?

Anderson posted 3 months ago
Does your business care about the environment? Is it something that should go hand in hand with the economy?

How do you see businesses having an impact on the environment and are we all doomed or is there a planned solution for improvement?
John D
John D 3 months ago
We get our resources from the environment, so we need to care about it before it's all gone.
Its great that our communities find new "green" solutions for business and resources, like water saving, banning plastic bags, building green homes and local communities are finding ways to save energy which filters through to business.
I dont think businesses in general are doing enough but we're getting there. I just hope when we do get there that its not too late.
Every discovery that can be implemented in order to cause less impact on the environment is a big plus.

We are doing our bit in our office by doing things like recycling and the owner of our building put solar panels on the roof to help offset electricity usage.
Elle 3 months ago
I do all that is possible to not affect the environment in a negative way. I know there are still things to do to play my part but I try to make a concious effort when I realise there is a better way.
For example I write cards to my clients to thank them for their contribution to my business. I send a lot of cards and must have wasted a lot of paper in the process however i discovered a small business in my area that sells cards made from recycled paper and vegetable based dyes so its good for the environment. Rosie Lou is the business and would happily recommend them to anyone that sends cards. I like to think i'm doing my bit for the environment.

I think this is a lot easier for small business whereas factories have a hard time with their massive pollutiants that they produce. Everyone just needs to have better consumption behavior and then laws should be put in place for factories to adapt too.
Joseph 3 months ago
Even though Lemodus is predominantly an online company, it is certainly a company that cares for the environment.

We are a paper free company and are energy conscious. I read an article a couple of months ago about how being a better web developer can reduce green-house gases.

The idea is that if your source code is doing a specific task, it would require a certain amount of energy on the server to complete that task. By optimising your code, you can reduce the energy consumption the web server will need to complete the task.

We 100% subscribe to this idea! Not only that, we will be making better faster web products that are more enjoyable to use at the same time. Win-win!
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