Are You Wasting Time and Money on Your Online Advertising?

Joseph posted 3 months ago
Whilst browsing for a new car on some local car sales websites, I obviously got targeted with some re-marketing and look-alike marketing as I have now seen half a dozen ads for new and used cars across the web.

What bothered me was that one of the ads was for a car dealer in Osborne Park, Western Australia. I live in Brisbane, Queensland and don't plan on travelling to WA any time soon.

It must be a big waste of time and money for them not intimately knowing their audience. Even if it is less than a dollar for that ad, it was wasted on me. If you have a scattergun approach to your marketing then your returns will be far less than a well defined target.

Sure I could have been in the market for a new car in Western Australia but I am not and far more likely to buy one local.

If it were me, I would pay a dedicated marketing person/company to continually optimise this and be monitoring their work. If they are not giving you the results you are paying for then fire them ASAP and move on!

Have you ever had similar paid ad results happen for you?
John D
John D 3 months ago
I wasted a lot of money in the beggining not targeting my real audience. Still I think I can do it better, but I have a lot to learn and still figuring out the best method.
Elle 3 months ago
It happened to me, I used the wrong keywords, filters.
I also see ads often that are not well targeted, since some of them are very local, even for other states, and still I see them in my feed or even TV ads (but TV ads are an entirely different argument im sure).
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