Recommended Accounting Software for Businesses

Joseph posted 3 months ago
When starting up your own small business, you will want to make sure your accounting and finances are well managed. Although spreadsheets still work, your best bet is to use online accounting software to manage your businesses finances.

There are dozens of accounting software packages out there. Although it may seem like a good idea when cashflow is low, free options may not be the best idea and wouldn't necessarily rely on them. Some are not that great and others simply don't have the ease of use, integrations and support like commercial options do.

We use Xero for our accounting software but know there are plenty of other options available.

Share your experiences with the accounting software you have used. Can you recommend one that is better than the others?
Keanu Walsham
Keanu Walsham 3 months ago
Hello there! I personally use Zoho for my accounting. But it also has a lot of other functions, such as emailing, sales analytics and campaigns, among others. It is relatively inexpensive and provides a nice singular platform for all of your business needs. I haven't been able to find a fault with it yet, so definitely worth the small investment to keep all of your books and other business aspects in check.
John D
John D 3 months ago
I used Contpaqi in the past, used it for many years
Now I use Xero. I like it better, and fit my needs better. Its simple yet powerful and really helps automate a lot of my accounting needs.
Elle 3 months ago
Zoho works for me. I like that it even has extra features besides accounting. So i use three products in one.
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