Is Our Website Easy to Use?

Joseph posted 4 months ago
We test and measure our website usability internally through metrics that are quantitative but that only tells us half the story. We are always keen to know how you actually feel about using our website.

We are after the qualitative data or information that can't actually be measured on what you think about our website.

Share your feedback good or bad. We appreciate it all!
John D
John D 4 months ago
I think its very good. Still adding in my procedures and its only me right now so maybe I have not seen the whole site with teams in it? But so far, I havent found a flaw and its intuitive and quick which is refreshing.
Elle 4 months ago
I have not seen any bugs or errors yet. Your website is polished yet super simple which is what I want as a small business owner. I do not want clutter!
On the forum side, I know that you just implemented it but it seems to be working good. I have seen forums in the past that have not allowed registering or not sending confirmation email. Its refreshing to see one that works.
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