Who Uses WordPress to Sell Online?

Joseph posted 3 months ago
There are a number of Ecommerce solutions available. A number integrate directly into your website (e.g. WordPress) while others sit beside it.

WooCommerce is the leader in WordPress ecommerce and according to these builtWith trends, are still rapidly growing in shop numbers.

These Google Trends comparing the top 5 Ecommerce platforms indicate that interest in all the platforms has decreased except for 2. WooCommerce is flat over recent years and Shopify is increasing.

So do you use WordPress to sell online or are you using another option altogether?

Interesting side note, there is a massive drop in ecommerce trends over the Christmas week and then picks back up again after that.
Joseph 3 months ago
At my web agency (web3) we have helped many businesses set-up their shops online through WordPress.

This has generally been through a mix of 3 software packages depending on what is required.
  • WooCommerce - This is for a full blown shopping cart experience. It has a lot of features and plugins available to extend it.
  • Gravity Forms + Stripe - This is for simple form based subscriptions and payments. Is light weight and doesn't include a shopping cart. It is ideal for websites that sell a single product at a time.
  • Easy Digital Downloads - This is a simple and lightweight solution that is aimed at selling digital products (i.e. things that don't get shipped but rather emailed to you).
All these options are great solutions for eCommerce. I cant really pick one option because they all serve a specific purpose and are all very good.

I have also seen a number of businesses going with Shopify because it is so simple and easy to set-up to start running right away. I'm a big fan of getting started but at the same time if you need a very custom solution then one of the above options may be a better fit for you.
John D
John D 3 months ago
WooCommerce is great, it has so many tools to help you to set up your store, also is one of the easiest to use and its free (though there are plenty of paid plugins)!
Elle 3 months ago
WordPress is the most versatile solution, not only for sellers but for everybody. There are thousands of non-profit sites made in WordPress.

And yes Shopify is growing because it is simple to use, it has nice tools to create your store. I have used both and prefer WordPress only because there is not a monthly fee to use it (aside from small website hosting costs) whereas Shopify does.
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