Lemodus empowers businesses to efficiently build and grow their own business. This is through simple and easy to use business processes management software.

To ensure we build a platform for the future, we have created this style guide. It is a set of rules to be followed when representing our platform and brand.

This style guide outlines:

Our brand aims to be simple, clean and cutting-edge.


The Lemodus logo has been custom-designed to represent our brand. The logo icon should accompany the Lemodus text.

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Standard Lockup

Whenever possible, the logo should be represented as a horizontal lockup with a full colour logomark and black 80% logotype.

Vertical Lockup

When horizontal space is limited, a vertical lockup can be used instead of the standard lockup.


When vertical and horizontal space is limited, the logomark can be used by itself without the logotype.


When the logomark has poor contrast with the background, a solid white knockout can be used.

Unacceptable Use

Avoid unreadable text over dark background

Avoid placing logo over non-solid background image

Do not:
  • Alter or distort the logo in any way
  • Use the knockout with any other colour than white
  • Alter colour, shape, or angles
  • Alter proportions, positioning, or placement
  • Replace the logotype with a different typeface
  • Use the logo on a poorly contrasting background
  • Overlap or crowd the logo with other elements


Logo Colours

The Lemodus logo consists of three blues. One dark and two lighter blue colours.

Blue #2a66b1
Light Blue #73a6da
Lighter Blue #e3edf7
Black #333

Extented Palete

Lemodus also uses a number of other colours in an extended palette. This is used for background colours and other user interfaces.

Orange #fc5830
Dark Green #2e3a40
Light Grey #f5f5f5
White #fff