Lemodus Journey Update

Lemodus Journey Update March 2019

Hello and welcome to the second (March 2019) Lemodus Journey Update. This post is where we openly share the progress and inner details of this company.

We share this information in the hopes that it will benefit you as much as it benefits us. We write it as a great way to document company progress as well as a way to keep everyone involved accountable.

There is nothing I like more than visible progress!

I hope that you will learn from our successes/loses and you will be able to grow your own business too as a result. Or at the very least be interested by the work we share.

Everything in our journey update is 100% true and accurate. We aim to share an update every month and you can view last months journey update here. Or follow along on the entire Lemodus journey from the beginning.

Let us know how you think we are doing or if you have any feedback on our approaches to the things we do in the comments below.


Back-end updates and the development of the Lemodus business forum were the top highlights for the month.

Draft posts to be published this month
The new posts drafted up in March

We published two new articles and drafted up four additional ones to be published in April.

Overall it was not the best month for content publishing but again we did achieve some pretty awesome results with the introduction of the forum (more on them below).

There is also the business plan post that was from the month before. We are still working on that one and it is turning into a rather large post. Our aim is on quality – not quantity so we are in no rush.

Lemodus Updates

Lemodus has had several optimisations to the workspaces and work is progressing nicely with it.

Over the month there were 20 commits to the central repository for improvements and new features.

A commit is what we do with our code when we are ready to publish it. The commit is published to our central version-controlled repository where our developers test and publish to what you see online.

The Business Forum
The main development focus was around our new business forum. This wasn’t publicly planned or mentioned last month but is an addition that we wanted to have on the site to encourage conversations.

There is still more work to enhance the forum which we will do throughout this month but we simply wanted to have it live without any delays.

In my opinion launching a minimum viable product is way better than launching a complete product later because you cant get proper user feedback without it being live.

Minimum viable product
This is how we are building the Lemodus Business Forum MVP. Starting with the skateboard.

Aside from continued development on the forum, we will be posting regularly in the forum and encourage you to join in the conversations. The forum is more short-form conversational pieces of content unlike the blog which is meant to be long-form.

Misc points of interest

  • The “honey-pot” that we mentioned that we added last month is holding up perfectly. It has completely fixed our spam issue. We haven’t had one spam comment since.
  • Behind the scenes, performance has been one of the points of interest we have been tackling across the site. Although the site is already quick, it can never hurt having it quicker. This primarily has been around making it easy for the user to navigate and reducing database queries through better caching.

Website Statistics


We had 42 new users to the site this month (not counting logged in users). Like last month, the majority of users came from the USA and the rest from other countries.

Spread of users accessing Lemodus across the world.
Spread of users accessing Lemodus across the world.

Whilst it is still positive, I’m a little disappointed by the numbers this month. I know we could have done better with more content created and continued marketing.

This month should be a lot easier to create content because last month the majority of our resources was on creating the forum and other back-end productions.

As a result, we missed the mark on our aim to publish at least one post a week. We published two posts and have five other posts that are approaching publish status but are still in draft form.

Here are the posts that we published in March.

The Lemodus Business Forum and How to Start Your Own ForumThis post was to introduce the Lemodus business forum to the world. It is also a practical guide on how to create your own forum on your own website.

The main reason why we wanted to make a forum is to foster a community of like-minded people involved in business. We also wanted it because other business forums all look the same and their design sucks.
Starting Your Own Business? Do You Have What It Takes?Many people think they can start a business but until you actually hit the ground running, you cant possibly know what it takes. The time commitment and dedication.

This post is about an experience I had once where my friend naively spoke about the ease of starting a business.

Do you have what it takes to start your own business?
Lemodus Journey Update February 2019Of course the other post that was published was the Lemodus Journey Update for February.

This had a very positive response and was the most viewed post in March.

Traffic Sources

The top sources bringing traffic to Lemodus are:

Top referral channels in Google Analytics
  • Direct traffic – 83.3%. This is people who are typing lemodus.com and accessing the site directly in their browser.
  • Social traffic – 9.5%. People interacting with Lemodus on social media.
  • Organic Search traffic – 7.1%. Sites visiting Lemodus from search engines.

I am particularly happy with the organic search results. This is one of the best ways to gain traffic because it is free and often long lasting. At my web agency, we have used organic search as a way to gain hundreds of clients and its all gained through good search engine optimisation.

Growing the organic search results through good SEO is definitely a focus and its nice to see this is growing.

Oddly enough, there was no referral traffic even though the links shared in last months post still stand. This is something we will continue to work on and expect to grow over time as we produce more content.

New Lemodus Members

Lemodus is growing steadily. We gained 2 new members this month. With the addition of the discussion forums to the site, I hope that will further increase sign-ups as helpful posts are created in there.

Additionally, there should be more growth as we refine the products and show value for businesses to grow through using Lemodus.

Getting a person to sign up to anything is hard. The more incredible value we can show to users, the easier it will become.

Sign up to Lemodus if you haven’t already. If you would like to know more about our core offering, we have a features page that will give you a better understanding.


Like I mentioned in the last update, we are not concerned by the fact that Lemodus is cash-flow negative. We have enough capital to sustain our expenses and our sole focus is on improving our products and growth.

Of course the ultimate goal is for Lemodus to sustain its own growth and turn into a highly profitable product but we have plenty of short term goals before we expect to see that at all.


The systems and procedures templates are still in the works. They sort of go hand in hand with our blog post schedule.

What we plan to do is publish business procedures as templates that can be used in Lemodus. The procedures are explained in detail on the blog.

So far we have published the template for writing procedures. More will be published this month.

Exciting Things Happening Next

This month will be the month of producing helpful and insightful content.

The blog is now completely set up which is super easy to write in. We have released our new business forums to generate discussions in too. So all that is left is to begin work in filling them out.

Aside from content, we still have a couple of additions to add to the forum so we will be working on that too.

There is plenty of internal things being worked on which you can see on the Lemodus roadmap. I also would like to overhaul the process editor in Lemodus to be more streamlined. Yeah its already pretty streamlined but would like to make it even more exciting and flexible than what it is. That is a big project and will likely take a number of months to complete. I don’t think we will have that finalised within the month.

Either way, we will add it to the roadmap.

I think that just about wraps up the update for this month. Is there anything else you would like to know in these write-ups?

Make sure to checkout our progress updates at the end of this month. You can sign up just below to be the first to hear about it.

What do you think? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments below.

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