Lemodus Journey Update

Lemodus Journey Update February 2019

Hello and welcome to the very first Lemodus Journey Update. This is where we openly share the inner details of Lemodus on a monthly basis as we build and grow this company.

I am sharing this information in the hopes that it will benefit you as much as it benefits us. We write it as a great way to document company progress as well as keeping everyone involved accountable.

We hope that you will learn from our successes/loses and you will be able to grow your own business too as a result. Or at the very least be interested by the work and results we share. And who can forget the essential gifs that accompany some of the sassy comments.

Everything in our journey update is 100% true and accurate. We aim to share an update every month so tune in next month for the second update. Follow along on the entire Lemodus journey here.

Let us know how you think we are progressing or if you have any feedback on the things we do, be sure to add them in the comments below.


Momentum begins as we work hard on gaining traffic to the site. This is primarily through the blog posts that we have been writing. The rest of the time has been spent improving the back-end and service of Lemodus.

Published Posts - Feb 2019
Posts published in February

In total we published 4 blog posts (one a week). 7725 words in total or an average of 1931 words per post.

Drafted Posts - Feb 2019
Posts that are drafted for publish in March

We also have created 3 draft posts. Two of which are business guides to be published in March and the third being this Lemodus Journey Update which will be used as a baseline template for all future journey updates.

Although this is not an abundant amount of posts published, our focus has been on quality over quantity.

Additionally, there has been a lot of infrastructure built to facilitate future growth which we will discuss below.

Lemodus Updates

Great efforts are continuing to be put into improving and building out Lemodus. We had 11 updates published to Lemodus in February. Some of the most notable updates included:

Business becomes Workspace UI
Business becomes Workspace and Procedure becomes Document. The terminology is updated.

1. Adjusting the terminology used throughout lemodus. Instead of calling each business a business, they are now called a workspace. Additionally, instead of calling each procedure a procedure, we now call them a doc.

Workspaces and docs are broader used terms which means it opens up for organisations that are not just a business to use Lemodus.

2. Converted the blog framework to WordPress. We previously built our own blog content management system from scratch to publish our posts.

Although this worked completely fine, there were certain aspects that required further development such as the image hosting for the blog images. We considered our options and determined that the development time was not worth the time spent compared to having a perfectly good solution already built and continually being improved for us.

The second benefit is that the blog has been moved to its own hosting server which is optimised for WordPress so it should remain fast as it grows.

Finally, our whole team have used WordPress for years (we built our first version of Lemodus in WordPress) so we are able to focus our time to just producing the content rather than building and maintaining the framework too. Any additional content team members will likely have WordPress experience so will be able to pick it up right away.

Doing this took a couple of days to ensure the theme matched the Lemodus website and to ensure the correct URL structures were put in place. Fortunately we had only a handful of posts to migrate so that didn’t take too long.

The posts that we did migrate, we updated to reflect any recent changes and added in several new images to enhance the posts. As a result, the average time on the page increased by 269.12%!

Check the two top ones out here:

3. General improvements, layout and bug fixes. We added a handful of improvements and fixes to the general layout and intended display of the Lemodus workspace as well as the front-end.

One of the biggest internal fixes was adding what is called a “honeypot” to our contact form. We noticed that there was a spam bot sending us regular contact form messages with links to exotic bride/harmful adult websites.

In simple terms, a honepot is a hidden form field that a user can see but a bot will. If they fill it out then the form is triggered as a spam message and discarded.

And to spam messages we say… You shall not pass!

We added the honepot on the 23rd of Feb and have not had any spam messages since.

Touch wood.

The other improvements involved updating images to make them look good on Retina screens and general stylistic updates.

This has helped with making usability and performance of the website better.

Achievements This Month

The biggest achievement this month was getting the blog producing content. This has been a massive issue that we have neglected for far to long whilst all the time allocated has been for building out the site.

With the blog now on WordPress, this should make creating content more streamlined and easy to do.

We know that consistency is key and up until this point we did not have the capacity to produce content.

I know that’s a poor excuse.

Either way, we aim to produce at least one article a week. The aim is to write around 1500-2000 words per post by making it the best article it can be for its targeted topic.

Website Statistics


This month we had a total of 61 new visitors to the site (this does not count logged in users).

46 were from USA and the rest were dispersed between Asia, Europe and Australia.

Spread of users accessing the website across the world
Spread of users accessing Lemodus across the world.

This is a very small number but now that we are finally focusing on content marketing I know this number will increase. And besides, website visitors and growth is a marathon effort not a sprint so I am not worried right now.

The new posts that were published on the site focused on business start-ups as that seems like the most logical place to start for a business related blog.

I realise we could gain a lot more traffic if we published posts that are more viral based but those will come when we branch into other business areas like marketing, sales and finance.

Of the posts that we published here are some stats.

How to Set Up Your Business the Right Way in Australia4 VisitsThis post details how you go about setting up a business in Australia.
Lemodus will benefit if there are more businesses starting up and using Lemodus so it is a good way to help it along.
How to Find the Right Accountant or Bookkeeper4 VisitsThe next logical step to ensure a business continues to operate is if they have reliable sources around them. Often financial advice is lacking in a start-up. This article helps to find an accountant or bookkeeper for your business.
Have You Chosen the Right Business Structure?2 VisitsThis is another post created with the aim of getting businesses on the right track.
Glossary of Business Terms1 VisitsThis is a reference of all the most common business related terms. It will be updated over time as new terms are mentioned throughout the blog.

Overall traffic sucked!

The reason the last two posts had a couple less visitors is likely because they were posted so late in the month so there wasn’t enough time to capture traffic.

The second reason why there is almost no traffic is because there has been almost zero marketing done off the website. The posts have been shared on the Lemodus Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social accounts and that is it. There has been no discussions, sharing or paid advertising on any external sites.

This is obviously something we will address and will share our strategy on this in a future blog post.

All in all, the posts are a great start and as the ‘snowball’ grows and gains momentum so to will traffic to these articles.

The snowball effect. Builds momentum and grows as it goes. It cant be stopped if it is a force to be reckoned with.

Traffic Sources

The top sources bringing traffic to Lemodus are:

Top referral channels in Google Analytics
  • Direct traffic – 78.7%. This is people who are typing lemodus.com and accessing the site directly.
  • Social traffic – 11.5%. This is likely all from the social shares that we have done for each post.
  • Referral traffic – 8.2%. Sites linking to Lemodus. If you want your website to be mentioned and linked on Lemodus then simply add a link on your site and send us traffic. We will mention it. This has come from 3 main sources:
    • Web3.com.au – This is my web design and online advertising agency. I have written about Lemodus a couple of times.
    • Fishburners.org – This is the office workspace that we occupy for our agency. James wrote an article about the top tools to use online with reference to Lemodus.
    • Josephchesterton.com – This is my personal website. Right now it is just a placeholder kind of website for people searching directly for me. I dont have any plans to add anything to it but it does mention Lemodus.
  • Organic traffic – 1.6% – This is traffic coming from ranking in search engines like Google. This is also extremely small but expect it to naturally increase as time goes on and proper marketing is done on the site.

New Lemodus Members

We have a total of 8 users active in Lemodus. This month we gained 2 new users.

Two new members joined Lemodus

This is one of the hardest things to increase. It is an action that has the most resistance because the user has to actively go to the register page and put in their details to sign up.

If you haven’t already, please sign up to Lemodus and let me know what you like, what you don’t and any other thoughts you have by sending me your feedback here.

I suspect that more people will want to sign up when there is greater value shown for the user to sign up for. This will come when our business tools, resources and ready-made systems are produced and actively shared.

Check the roadmap to see what we are working on. Whilst this is a guide of our development focuses, it does not necessarily mean that they will be produced in that order.

The aim is to complete all of these features but new things will be added and removed as time goes and feedback is received.


Lemodus is currently cash flow negative. It is not making any money and I suspect it will take several months to even see a change in this at all.

That is completely ok with me.

Of course I would love to see Lemodus turn into a hugely successful and most importantly, profitable company but profitability is definitely not our focus for the foreseeable future.

Provided our teams wages are continuing to be covered by my web agency then our overheads are extremely low. This is fine with me.

We have about $100 in website hosting related fees and that is it for expenditures. I like to run a tight ship and would much prefer to grow organically because of a great product rather than seek huge capital and go down the venture capital funded route.

Monthly run rate

Of our active members, all are on the free plan. In the future we will look at ways to incentivise being a paying customer but for now, our focus is on making the best product that we can that people will happily pay for.


There has been a number of internal processes updated so that we can deliver our service better to you. This has primarily been centred around the blog In February.

In March our aim is to start adding some pre-built procedures for new businesses to use. As an incentive for people to sign up as a new user, we will be looking into adding the procedure as part of using Lemodus.

The idea is that we will give all the templates away for free in long form posts and then you can log in (or create an account) to get the simple and precise systems and processes to use in your business.

That tactic is how we plan on attracting users from the blog to sign up. The blog is where we anticipate are to be the most accessed pages on the publicly facing side of Lemodus.

Exciting things happening next

This has been our first month of dedicated on-page marketing. The plan is to continue to crank it and increase if we can. There is still heaps of work that needs to be done in the workspaces side of Lemodus so we will be working hard on that too.

Pre-built systems and procedures will be the main focus after we have gotten through the drafted content that we have produced.

Make sure to checkout our progress updates at the end of this month. You can sign up just below to be the first to hear about it.

What do you think? Let us know what your thoughts are and if there is anything that you think we should be doing better in the comments below.

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