Lemodus Hustle Handout

Lemodus Hustle Handout May 2019

Hello and welcome to the may 2019 edition of the Lemodus Hustle Handout. In the update, we openly share the inner details of this company on a monthly basis.

We share this information in the hopes that it will benefit you as much as it benefits us. We write it as a way to document company progress. It also keeps everyone involved accountable.

We hope that you will learn from our successes/loses and you will be able to grow your own business too or at the very least be interested by the progress we have made.

Everything in this handout is 100% true and accurate. We aim to share an update every month and you can view last months Hustle Handout here. Or follow along on the entire Lemodus hustle journey from the beginning.

Let us know in the comments below how you think we are doing or if you have any feedback on our approaches to the things we do in the comments below.

Highlights This Month

This month we quickly changed tact on all of our plans so that we could focus solely on our new doc creator. Awesome progress has been made and we managed to ship version 0.1.

You can check it out right now by logging in / signing up to Lemodus and creating a new doc.

Because it is such a massive undertaking to create something like this from scratch, we still have a long way to go. We decided to ship with the limited set of commands being the headings and paragraphs and will be shipping the remaining items as well as adding more as we progress.

Once the core functionality has been solidly built, we have big plans to add some pretty awesome features that will make creating the docs a really powerful and enjoyable experience.

As a result of the doc command being the sole focus, our team weren’t able to focus on some of the other areas of the business. Primarily the marketing and procedure docs creation as discussed in the last hustle handout.

We have shipped version 0.1 of the doc command editor, as the most MVP or minimum viable version that we could release. There still needs to be a lot of work to get the core operating 100% as well as adding the additional fields and editing capabilities.

I expect the doc commands to take a number of months to be at a state where we want it to be. Fortunately now that the initial version has been released, it will make all future doc templates easier to produce because we will not have to convert them to the new format at a later stage.

The doc command is a big departure from the editing options before it. It now makes the whole editing experience unified as one and removes the need to have different sections that seemed a bit segmented on their own.

We wrote scripts to convert all the docs that have been created by our customers to the new doc command format. This was achieved without a hitch.

Content Creation and Forum Discussions

Aside from the doc command editor, we produced one long piece of content about how to set up your Google Business local listings. Content is part of our marketing strategy and is very important to continue producing.

This month, because of our sole focus on the doc editor, content production took a big hit.

We barely touched either the blog and forums this month and the results show.

You can see during the month of May, there was minimal new visitors to the site. This was mostly because we didn’t push any form of marketing while the doc editor was being created.

The analytics will likely look similar to that next month as we still have heaps of focus required for the doc editor.

Lemodus Blog Enhancements

At the start of the month we made further optimisations to the blogs underlying code. It is now even more lightweight and extremely fast. The blog is built on WordPress. We used our own custom WordPress theme that we use to build all our websites at my web agency Web3.

The theme used on Lemodus has had so much work done to it that if you were to look at the code, you wouldn’t even know it was using that theme. Every decision has been scrutinised over to ensure the highest level of speed can be achieved. Its now a 100% Lemodus theme and the results show.

The theme we originally built it on is super light weight yet multi-purpose for a wide variety of uses. The enhancements we have made to it has improved load on the site by roughly 77%.

The blog was already super quick. According to Pingdom, it now loads in under 1 second!

Googles own Lighthouse speed and performance reports also indicate an almost perfect score for the blog. We cant get much better than that. 💪😊

Misc Lemodus App Work

We also added a number of misc enhancements and fixes to the app.

Side note: When I say app, I mean the Lemodus web app. A physical phone/desktop app will eventually come but not until we are extremely happy and have made significant improvements to the website app first.

There was 15 commits to the Lemodus repository we made this month with changes to the Lemodus app. These changes include:

  • Bringing over some of the performance improvements we made to the blog.
  • SEO improvements. Internal linking and schema improvements.
  • Speed improvements by loading main content first and secondary (sidebar) content second.
  • Further anti-spam improvements to help prevent bots from signing up. More on that below.

Achievements This Month

The biggest achievement was shipping the first version of the new doc command editor. This has been a huge achievement across our team and lays foundations for a far better experience moving forward.

As said above, this was at the cost of other activities in the business. Marketing was almost entirely untouched.

Website Statistics


We had significantly less users to the site this month compared to the last. I’m ok with that because we made such huge strides on making the product the best it can be.

Of the users that did access the site, they were spread across the world from Australia to America, India and other countries. The small numbers are because we did almost no marketing. Its interesting we can see those tangible results.

We published one main post in May which was the ultimate guide to Google business listings.

It contributed to 2.5% of the traffic to the site. Because there wasn’t much marketing done to promote it, it didn’t make much of a splash. I anticipate it will do well over time as Google My Business is a widely searched query with lots of traffic (over 12 billion results).

Traffic Sources

The top sources bringing traffic to Lemodus in May were:

  • Direct – 50% People directly typing the Lemodus URL into the browser.
  • Social – 20.8% Coming from social media channels
  • Organic Search – 16.7% Coming from Google and other search engines.
  • Referral – 12.5% – Coming from other websites referring Lemodus.

Comparing the traffic to last month saw a significant drop because of the lack of marketing done. Even though its less, its still comparable to the month before.

Orange indicates April and Blue indicates May results.

The large amount of direct traffic from the prior month was mostly from the design competition I held.

The bounce rate has relatively improved across each channel too which is nice.

New Lemodus Members

This month we had a large growth of users. There was 16 new in total. Although its certainly possible, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of these users that signed up were spam sign ups/bots. 16 isn’t a huge amount but is still uncharacteristically higher compared to last month.

We track a couple of non-identifying (anonymous information) usage metrics like when we have a new Lemodus user sign up, if they verify their account and if a user hasn’t used Lemodus in some time. This is to help us make a better product as well as celebrate the small wins.

A handful that signed up this month didn’t verify their account after they signed up. This means one of three things. That the sign-up process needs to be improved or the user is disinterested in trying out Lemodus. Or, what i think might be the case is that there are some spam accounts that are being created.

So either way, we implemented some basic anti-spam techniques to help prevent it. The anti-spam techniques are what we added to our contact form a couple of months ago and the spam messages on those forms has completely stopped.

So we will see what happens over the next month whether we were right in assuming they are spam accounts.

On the flip side, I want to be more involved with our users. I will be working on ways in the future to talk with our users to see how we can further improve Lemodus.


All finances in Lemodus are not a focus at all until we have achieved our goal in creating an amazing experience in the app. This is through the new doc creator and templates for business owners.

Currently the only operating expenses are with hosting the suite of Lemodus websites. Our expenses are at roughly $150/month. All other expenses including paying for our team are being funded by my web agency Web3.

Of course the ultimate goal is to make money on its own, our goal right now is to build an awesome product. Doing that takes time.


The procedure templates once again have not begun being implemented. This is purely because the doc creator required a lot of time this month and we saw it as a top priority to lay as a foundation for future things like the process templates.

I don’t think we will be creating procedures this coming month as there is still more work required to be done on the doc creator but they are coming soon.

Exciting Things Happening Next

This coming month will be all about the doc command editor. We will be continuing the implementation of the editor and hopefully implementing more functionality with it.

Last month we mentioned the Doc Command editor was being worked on. We weren’t sure if we were going to continue working on it as it was a bit of an experiment but it rapidly evolved. It progressed enough for the initial release to replace the current editor.

Full steam ahead with more work continuing to be done.

We would much prefer to incrementally release updates rather than push big updates months and months apart. This means we can rapidly evolve our offerings and find the best way to go about it by testing and measuring and getting feedback from you.

That’s all for this month.

I am off to run my first (and quite probably last) ever marathon at the Brisbane Marathon tomorrow morning. I have never ran a marathon before but it has been on my list of personal goals to achieve for a long time.

Its time that I cross it off that list and get it done! Too bad I spent most of my time i should have been training, working on Lemodus… Wish me luck!

See you next month.

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