Lemodus Hustle Handout

Lemodus Hustle Handout April 2019

Hello and welcome to this months Lemodus Journey Update where we openly share the inner workings of the Lemodus company on a monthly basis.

Big updates revealed this month and the best growth so far! We also rename the Lemodus Journey Update to the Lemodus Hustle Handout. More on that below.

We share this information in the hopes that it will benefit you as much as it benefits us. We write it as a great way to document company progress as well as a way to keep everyone involved accountable.

We hope that you will learn from our successes/loses and you will be able to grow your own business too or at the very least be interested by the work we share.

Everything in our journey update is 100% true and accurate. We aim to share an update every month and you can view last months journey update here. Or follow along on the entire Lemodus journey from the beginning.

Let us know how you think we are doing or if you have any feedback on our approaches to the things we do in the comments below.

The Lemodus Journey Update Will Now Be the Lemodus Hustle Handout

Before we share all the juicy details of this month, I have decided to rename our Lemodus journey updates to Lemodus Hustle Handout from this point forward.

I think hustle handout sounds more inspiring and intriguing. It also may help to paint a better picture of great progress in the company which is definitely what we aim for.

Cup of hot coffee with the words "go Get em" written on it
A favourite quote of mine that my dad would say to me when I was young. There is something really great about seeing progress from hard work and determination.

In their simplest forms, Hustle means a state of great activity and handout is a piece of free information provided. I think that not only does it sound better, it reflects what we are trying to achieve by sharing this information with you.

Its also a subliminal reminder to everyone who thinks you can get rich quick or expects free financial handouts to get some hustle and make it happen yourself.

We will leave the previous Lemodus Journey updates as is but moving forward the journey update will now be called a Hustle Handout.

Highlights From This Month

Last month I said April would be the month of producing helpful and insightful content. This has began but know there can be much more work done here. We had more work to complete on the forum and plenty of internal things being worked on through the Lemodus Roadmap.

Heaps of progress has been made throughout the app and front-end of the website. Here are the most noteworthy Lemodus things that happened this month.

Improvements and Bug Fixing

We started the month off with a lot of blog and forum bug fixing from the huge improvements we completed the month before. We also added a few minor enhancements and performance improvements. The main issue we fixed was a redirect/indexing issue.

Google Analytics dashboard showing duplicate pages
There were pages that were duplicated even though they were the same. A simple oversight on our end that’s now fixed.

Looking through our Google analytics, we realised that there was an issue with how our site was being indexed in Google. We weren’t applying the correct redirects for when you go to for example https://lemodus.com/features verses going to https://lemodus.com/features/ (there is a trailing forward slash on the second URL).

Even though they end up at the same place, Google counts those two URL’s as two different pages. It was causing some of the pages to be in Googles index twice and was showing separate data in our Google analytics.

To fix this, we simply redirect all traffic from one to the other. In our case, we redirected the forward slash to non-forward slash. Since making those changes, the data collected in Google Analytics is correct and there are no duplicate pages in search results.

Design Competition

We launched a design competition on 99designs to see if we could get a third-party perspective to improve our logo.

Lemodus logo design concepts
Some of the design concept entries we received.

There were several dozen entries by many talented designers. Ultimately we decided to not proceed with any of them as there wasn’t one that really stood out or was much better than our logo.

The old saying goes:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

We are always striving for simplicity and to make our company and services better. We will likely come back to this down the track to see if we can improve it. In my opinion its a pretty great logo and is nice and unique too.

Forum Discussions

We continue to grow and have a handful of great discussions on our business forums.

I am always in the forums answering all your burning questions. I share the top answers to questions about Australian Business Numbers and share what I would do differently if I had to start over again.

The aim is to contribute smaller pieces of content to the forum to promote discussions. If you have anything that you would like to know about Lemodus or business in general, please ask in the Lemodus forums.

Blog Posts

This month we were able to publish our minimum goal of one post a week. The posts that we began to draft up in March were finally published.

I guess technically we only published 3 posts as the fourth one was the journey update (Hustle Handout).

Lemodus draft posts
Draft posts on the Lemodus blog.

We have two more posts in draft mode (how to create a business plan and how to create a marketing plan) but they are likely going to be very large and are taking a long time. We want to have an accompanying template for people with businesses to download and use themselves.

Lemodus App Updates

This month we created 51 commits to the Lemodus app. A “commit” is the technical term used for when we have finished applying new features, changes or fixes and merge it into the central repository where, if everything checks out, we push to the live site.

The major changes that we added to Lemodus this month are:

Forum Improvements – Forum usability and optimisation improvements. This includes better pagination for long posts, editing/deleting forum posts, sitemap indexing and SEO improvements. We also made many minor improvements and bug fixes like adding links to the forum in the backend and forcing all external links to open in new windows.

Avatar Uploads – Upload your own avatar in your profile. This is a nice addition to accompany the default gravatar and users initials options.

Choose avatar screen in Lemodus
The new choose avatar screen in Lemodus allows you to upload a custom logo

This completes one of the major tasks we set out in the Lemodus roadmap.

Many internal optimisations. We have implemented a lot of internal things to make developing faster. Because our team does not have access to your personal information, we need to simulate users with activity to make it easier to test visually. We have set up automated internal database populating to generate unique data each time we run it. This allows us to test with a number of edge-cases and help make the app better quicker.

Search Engine Optimisations with schema markup. Schema markup is a way to help give context to your pages for search engines. You do not see it on the page unless you look at the source code. Although we did use it previously, we have updated the schema to make greater use of it across the site.

About page – Added an about Lemodus page. Lemodus has a long history and we wanted to have a place to share our story with the world. This page is relatively rudimentary with mostly just text but we will improve and add to it over time. We needed to follow our mantra of make it happen so we published it right away.

Achievements This Month

This month we achieved some pretty awesome results. Lemodus received the most new visitors it has ever had. We had some great discussions on the forum and great progress is being made on the app.

Website Statistics


We had 102 new users to the site this month. That is a new record for us. The number may be insignificant in size however it sets a new benchmark to aim for this month. The visitors to the site came from all over the world too!

Spread of users accessing Lemodus over the month
The spread of people accessing the site across the world this month. This only counts for new visitors (not logged in)

There was 3 main reasons why we more than doubled the users to our site this month than last. They are:

  1. The design competition that we posted had a link to our home and Lemodus brand pages. People clicked on these pages from 99designs.
  2. Outreach marketing. I took to Quora (a website where you answer peoples questions) and answered a number of peoples questions. I wrote substantial replies and made sure to reference Lemodus if I was talking about something to do with business that was answered on Lemodus. Either on the blog or forums. This is a moderately successful technique to gain links.
  3. Blog posts. I wrote 4 new blog posts on the Lemodus blog and was sure to share them on social media. Each post gained a fraction of the overall traffic.

Admittedly, the three posts that we published are relatively uninspiring subjects. I wouldn’t have expected for any to go viral. But they make up a greater collective of business procedures and tutorials that will help new and existing businesses.

Of the new posts that were published, here is how they performed over the month.

How to Set Up Your Office Phone System3 VisitsThere are many options that you can take when setting up a phone system for your business. This article helps dispel some of the myths around setting up your new phone.
How to Effectively Set Up Your Office3 VisitsThis post goes hand in hand with the post below and helps to get you thinking for what you need to know when setting up your new office.
How to Successfully Relocate Your Office3 VisitsThis post talks about how to relocate your office to a new premise. It is the prequel to the setting up your office post above.
Lemodus Journey Update March 20195 VisitsLast months Lemodus Journey update.

By the looks of it, you are all enjoying reading the Lemodus journey updates Lemodus Hustle Handouts because there has been good traction and nice statistics that accompany it in Google Analytics.

Traffic Sources

The top sources bringing traffic to Lemodus in April were:

Top channels and users chart from Google Analytics
The top sources where users are coming to the site in April
  • 77.7% Direct – Traffic coming from people directly typing in the URL into their browser.
  • 10.7% Social – Traffic coming from social media channels.
  • 9.7% Organic Search – Traffic coming from search engines.
  • 1.9% Referral – This is traffic coming from other websites.

Comparing the traffic sources to last month, there has been a huge improvement on all fronts. Every single channel has at least 100% improvements from last month.

Orange lines are March, blue lines are April. Fantastic growth across the board.

Those are great numbers but will be extremely hard to maintain moving forward.

New Lemodus Members

This month we had 50% more sign-ups compared to last month. We had 3 new users sign up to use Lemodus.

3 new Lemodus members this month

Lemodus is certainly growing. Even though it is a slow growth, we are definitely making great progress. The sign up process is definitely the hardest part to get to work.

We had just over 100 new users across the site this month which makes the sign up conversion rate 2.94%. I don’t know how that compares to other online Software as a service (SaaS) companies sign-up rate but it does seem like there is plenty of room for improvement.

Either way, I know that it is still way to early to have a good metric here until we reach several hundred users a month. That is the number one priority on the front end. I.e. we need to continue to create helpful content to attract more people to our services.

If you haven’t already, join Lemodus now. Its free!


Finances are not a priority until we gain more users to Lemodus. We wont be reporting any finance related data because there is no interesting information to report.

Our top priority at the moment is to build a fantastic product/service first and then will worry about reporting numbers when we need to.

The final point I will add on finances is that we have extremely low expenses (under $200/month). Until Lemodus can manage it on its own, our entire teams wages are paid for by Web3 (my web agency).

Of course the ultimate financial goal is to make a lot of money but right now our sole focus is to make a great product. Money is a by-product of well loved, well used products and services.


We kind of failed on creating any systems and procedures templates this month. I said that we would but it got put by the wayside while other things happened.

We created 3 procedures (in the form of blog posts) but have not turned these into procedures yet.

This month is the month where we start to create these templates.

Exciting Things Happening Next

We began work on version 2 of our document editor at the end of last month. I am happy to say that I can share a brief update on that.

We wanted to make it extremely simple and intuitive with just a drop-down to select the different media types. The idea came after the release of WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor and how much quicker it is to write. It also evolved from how Slack works with the forward slash commands.

It is quite a difference to what we have currently but is a fantastic solution as it gives us complete control over the input rather than having to rely on a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) text editor.

There is no ETA on this feature yet because it is a MASSIVE task to build from scratch. However we really want to have this created and out there because we know it will be a massively useful feature moving forward. Note that it is only in development stages and it may completely change or be scrapped depending on how development progresses.

Well that just about wraps up Aprils Hustle Handout. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to add to these Hustle Handouts.

We are starting this month fresh-minded and ready for another epic month of hustle and achievements. I hope you can join us at the end of May for the next update.

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