How to Effectively Set Up Your Office

How to Effectively Set Up Your Office

So your business is growing and you are running out of space to operate effectively. What do you do? Do you relocate your premise by finding a new office space that will fit your new needs or will you look at your current office set up to see if it can be set up more effectively.

This guide walks you through what is required to set up your office in an effective manner both before and after you move in.

Whichever way you go, you will want to ensure all measures are met to have a highly effective workspace for you and your employees.

An effective office space comes down to your requirements and there are a lot of factors to consider.

Tall buildings looking down at city street
Effectively setting up your office comes down to a number of different factors.

Are you constrained by budget? Do you need it to have a specific layout or size or amenities? Is the location right and does it have enough parking or maybe you just need to be close to public transport?

Perhaps the outside is right but inside you have certain furniture and storage needs. Whatever the requirements, they need to be well considered to suit your needs and requirements.

Update Business Address and Contact Details

Once you have successfully relocated to a suitable new premise then you need to make it known that you have moved. Successfully relocating includes negotiated favourable rent and terms, sign the office lease and pay bond and setup utility accounts (phone, internet and power).

Edit your business info on Google Business
You need to update all references to your business address both online and offline

There are several places that you need to update your business contact details. This includes both digital and physical such as:

  • Stationery – If you have stationery with your address on it, you will need to order new stationery with updated addresses.
  • Update Clients – All the people and businesses that you deal with should be advised of your new location and any new phone numbers you have too.
  • Website – Your website should have your contact details on it. Be sure to update all details. If you are unsure if there are pages that contain your old address or phone number then do a specific google search (see Advanced Google Search to Find Old Details quick tip below).
  • Online Directories – If there has been any form of SEO done on your website then your business will likely have some business listings in online directories. Online directories generally show your businesses contact details. Doing a Google search for your business name and your old contact details will show you the pages that have those details. You will also want to update your Google business listings too.
  • Redirect Mail – If your business receives mail at your premise then you will need to update your contact details and organise a business mail redirect with Australia Post. This can be a costly exercise so make sure you absolutely need it.
  • Insurances – You will need to arrange that all insurances that you have are updated to the new office address otherwise you may not be covered in the result of an accident.

There may be other areas that you need to update too such as providers and other online profiles. You may be able to find places by searching through your old emails.

Once all contact details has been updated, you need to arrange for all members that require access to have keys and access cards to access the premise. This is to be in conjunction with setting up the necessary security and alarm systems to protect the premise.

Quick Tip: Advanced Google Search to Find Old Details

If you are not sure if your website has references to your old contact details then you will want to search for it. You can often do this on your own website but if yours doesn’t have that option then you may be able to search Googles index for references to your old contact details.

Type in this search term site: “Queen street” (Make sure to update with your URL and update Queen Street with your address or phone number you are searching for). Keep site: and the “” quotation marks around your term for the search query to work.

site: “Queen street” Query search should only return pages with “Queen street” on it.

If you use that search query structure, your Google search results will be refined right down to only instances of your website that has text showing that query. Once you identify the pages that contain the terms that need updating, you simply need to update them and save your new details.

Fit Out the Office

The next part of relocating is to fit out your new office with your equipment and products. If you need to purchase computer equipment or printers then that should be done as quickly and as least disruptively as possible.

All Equipment on the Asset Register

All equipment that you have purchased and own should be entered onto an asset register spreadsheet. This is so you can keep track of what assets you have in your business. It would be a massive inconvenience having to remember what equipment you have if you were to lose it all overnight due to circumstances out of your control such as fire or burglary.

The free Lemodus Asset Register Inventory Template for your business.

You can download our free Asset Register Spreadsheet template for your own business. Simply make a copy and use it for yourself. Let us know in the comments below if you are using it for your business.

Set Up Cabling

All office premises are set up differently and likely wont meet your exact business needs. This is especially so for power and internet cabling around the office.

If you determine that your office needs additional cabling. It is far less destructive and easier to achieve when there is not an entire office set up and in the way.

City street with a mess of cables above
You do not want your office cabling to end up like this. Prior planning will ensure this does not happen between workspaces.

Try to book the electrician before you have all your heavy furniture and equipment in the way.

You would need an electrician for all new electrical, phone and network requirements. This includes for things like computers and servers, phones and faxes, printers and copiers and possibly other equipment like coffee machines.

Your phone office system should be simple, reliable and easy to use. With reliable wireless networks now the norm, you may not need complex wiring to be installed to set up your office phone system. This is best discussed with a qualified network technician.

Office Equipment

If you are moving to a larger office then you may need to fill it with additional furniture. This could be desks for work or plants and other office furniture for other areas of the business.

It is a good idea to include areas of the office that are for less productive activities to break up the space.

Do you still use pen and paper (we’re big advocates for a paperless office)? If so then you will need to purchase office stationery supplies for all team members that require it.

Does your office have the facilities to cook food at it? If so, you will need to consider purchasing kitchen supplies too.

Move In

Are you ready to move in? Once you have organised the move, updated all the addresses, set up the necessary cabling and purchased any new furniture and equipment then you should be just about ready to move in.

You will want to move in as quickly as possible to avoid any team interruptions and work productivity downtime.

Finally, you will want to do one final check of all equipment to ensure it is connected and working correctly. If its all good then your move in is successful and you have effectively setup your new office.

Well done!

What I’d like to know is your worst office move horror story. Also, if there is anything else you would do to effectively move your office, let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Joseph Chesterton

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  1. When I was working at a web agency more than a decade ago (before I started my own web agency) we relocated offices. The company was really dodgy and the owner expected us to help him move the entire office with him on the weekend rather than getting a removalist.

    I was less than thrilled by this idea and ended up resigning shortly after (though the reason I left was because of a completely separate issue altogether)

    Its definitely worth paying a removalist company to move for you.

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